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Social Strategy

LG are a mammoth company, which means they have a mammoth amount of customers who buy a mammoth amount of different products. So when they needed their social strategy relooked at, it was a mammoth task.

Starting by analysing all of their audience data, I segmented each customer into a different category based on their purchase behaviours, channel usage, audience demographic and social media behaviour to decipher which of the 10 channels we should be using to target which customer… and how we do it.

This data-heavy approach to social allowed LG to refine their strategy on social to limit wasted content - for example there was little use in flogging dishwashers on Twitter where the majority of their following was gamers who were in the market for a new monitor.

100s of hours of work later, I had produced the social playbook - a bible still used internally for their every socially charged need.

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