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Brand & Social Strategy

Often associated with the idea of needing last minute shin pads or a can of tennis balls, Sports Direct needed revamping for the upcoming generation of shoppers. Wanting to be the favourite option for Gen Z on the high street is no small task, so this required a repositioning of the brand before anything else.

Starting with a full brand and audience audit, it became apparent to me that Sports Direct’s intended audience weren’t following traditional consumer behaviours or loyalty, rather standing by the brands that understood them as people. A new positioning as a coach-like figure what required.

After analysing the audience’s wants and needs from brands, it was clear that Sports Direct needed to begin offering their inherent knowledge in the form of content to fans. Starting with YouTube and TikTok, the idea was to begin working more with creators that resonated with the intended Gen Z audience. From here, it was about creating content that worked not just for the audience but felt native to the brand.

From high street retailer to content pioneer, Sports Direct is slowly turning heads in the industry to be seen as more than ‘that sports shop in town’.

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