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Brand & Talent Strategy

Quitting cigarettes is tough for smokers, but almost all of them have pledged to do it. Then again, we've all pledged lots of things in life we never followed through on. With blu, we wanted to change that.

Creating 4 pop up locations across the US, we asked smokers to pledge what they wanted to change in their lives. Some pledged to go skydiving, some swimming with sharks, and some just wanted to see their family more often.

To build on the events, we created a talent strategy that allowed celebrities to get in on the act as well. Following a similar vein to other pledges, we successfully created a culture whereby people actually wanted to pledge to change their lives and overcome obstacles.

The campaign in its entirety was gargantuan and it all started from one small pledge - to help smokers switch to a better smoking alternative.

1.4bn total reach
26%+ brand recognition
19%+ consumer sentiment

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